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Finance Workshop For Non-Financial Professionals

What You Will Learn »

The Stratactics Game™ transforms financial knowledge and concepts into decision-making tools that help you:
  • Drive operational performance
  • Manage Sales, Expenses, and Assets
  • Forecast and deliver predictable results

Who Should Attend »

This program is designed for non-financial professionals in every functional area of responsibility who need to:
  • Understand key financial principles
  • Analyze business opportunities
  • Assess risk
  • Drive financial performance
  • Communicate financial results

What Topics Are Covered »

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
  • Key elements of business strategy
  • Basic accounting principles
  • Demystifying financial statements
  • Structure and purpose of balance sheet, cash statement,
    income statement
  • Distinguishing assets, liabilities, and equity
  • Difference between cash and earnings
  • Defining 3 types of cash flow
  • Relationships of the 3 statements

Financial Analysis and Decision Making
  • Analyzing 3 financial statements
  • Learning the 3 bottom lines
  • Evaluating company performance using the annual report
  • Identifying crucial drivers and key performance indicators
  • Working capital management
  • Making strategic financial decisions
  • Applying financial knowledge to your job
  • Sources and uses of cash

Event Info & Contact »

    Date: June 4, 2013
    Time: 8AM-5PM
    Fee: $325 per person
    group discounts available
    Venue: Innovation Pavilion
                  9200 E. Mineral AVE
                  Centennial, CO 80112

Purchasing for a Group? Have a Question?

Please give us a call  (303) 666-1095



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Purchasing for a Group? Have a Question?

Please give us a call  (303) 666-1095

Your performance is measured on bottom line results.
We make sure you know how to drive those bottom lines.

Learn to support your team's ability to manage sales, expenses, and assets in a way that improves profit, cash flow, and return on capital with our revolutionary yet simple approach.

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